Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mion & Shion Conversion

So an update! Got a fair bit done in the last week or so... Though it may not look like a whole lot! Most of what I have done is on Shion, she has gotten herself a skirt and some shoes. I have put her in her short skirt and flats like she wears in the anime...

Rough go of her skirt...
after some number of hours of sanding and reputtying, She was ready for her first coat of primer ^_^ Lucky for me there are only a couple of areas I will need to go back and repair!
The primer is grey Krylon for anyone who's interested. Bought at Wal-mart for around $4 a can

Oh, I didn't take a lot of pictures while I was making Shion's shoes but, in order to have a slimmer looking shoe I had to chop off some of her toes!!

 I also started on her top, which is a sleeveless, turtle-neck type shirt. Looks kinda haggarded right now but this is what I got so far!

 Mion also got the beginnings of a shirt/vest (also in very primitive stages)

Well thats all for now! hopefully some more progress in the next few days!

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