Thursday, June 17, 2010

1/8 Asuka in Plugsuit

So I finished up my most recent work, 1/8 scale Asuka. She matches the Rei I finished earlier the year. She was fairly simple to build, though painting was a test of patience. Her suit needed a lot of coats of red to get the desired color, not to mention all the black detailing was very time consuming! >.>
She is entirely hand painted (like all my work)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Walls stretching for the sky
growing taller with every moment.
They're closing in around me now,
this space is getting tighter...

Its getting harder and harder to breath,
my heart pounding in my chest...
I can hear it as it echoes off the pressing walls.
Everything is slowing shutting down.

There’s no escape, I can't get out
it just keeps getting smaller...
I'm shaking, I’m crying, I have no control,
as my breathing races even faster.

nail marks pressed so deep their bleeding,
my body temperature is rising quickly,
save me please....I'm frightened...
claustrophobic...I'm smothering....


Monday, June 14, 2010

Already Completed Kits

Here are a few shots of the kits I already have completed so far... I wont flood the blog with tones of pictures of all of them. I will start posting my newer works here as of  today.


Chi (I replaced her dress with ribbons, the dress was in really rough shape)
Cherry Kitty ^^


Sailor Pluto

Morrigan (my most recent work)


Well that's all for now, again, I will update my future works in a move organized manner! ^.^

First Post

First post... Not much to say, still editing the layout/colors ect... Learning how to use everything. Guess there will be a real post soon!