Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mion & Shion Conversion (minor nudity)

So I have decided to take on a fairly large project. I will be making my own versions of the characters Mion and Shion Sonozaki from the series Higurashi.
The kits I will be using can be found here (Caution: Nude Kits!) for Shion and for Mion So I have started doing a lot of the prep work for both girls, nothing too exciting yet but I will update with more exciting progress soon!

The part break down for both kits
Some basic tools I will be using
The prep work on these kits, Mion's in-particular was less then kind! I wont post a lot of the boring stuff, but the gaps in the legs and arms were unruly!
I have puttied the legs and arms for both girls and made the bodies one solid piece so I can hack them into different peices! XD . I will be sculpting them some clothing later so this will make that easier!
I went out and bought a mini hack saw and sawed both ladies in half at the hips and one of mions arms off! as you can see I have also sanded away their nipples!! O.O
Shion had a large bow on her head I needed to get rid of, so I sanded it down and filled the gap...
And Mion needed a bit of a hair cut, so I trimmed her up ;) 
I had to clean up the new join in the girls waists, so the got temporarily puttied back together (vasiline in between to make removal easier)
Well, thats all for now! I will be updating again soon! The girls will get some clothes soon I promise!


  1. I will follow the conversion of these girls! they need some clothes yeah jajaja :), nice work whiterabbit, i know you will do a great job in this conversion! =)

  2. Thanks very much Kike! They are in the progress of getting clothes! The next update should have these poor ladies covered up! >.< haha! Thanks very much for following!