Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bome 01: Oni Musume

Well, decided to share some images of my Bome collection girl by girl. Best place to start is at the beginning I suppose. Oni Musume is the first of the series and makes a reappearance in other poses later on. For anyone not familiar with Bome his official site is here and his Wiki is here
anyway. I have his entire official series... So why not share? ^__^
Back to Oni Musume. I own the Blue alt version. I opted for blue because I own all the other versions of her in her traditional red/tiger color.

I apologize in advance for the poor image quality... There is something going funny with my camera

The pvc quality is not great on this one... lots of little blemishes and imperfections. It would seam a lot of these things got corrected later in the line.

Didn't take many pictures of this girl. As you can see, she is a pretty girl but you can tell she is the first. I will take more/better pictures of the other girls ^^;

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