Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mion & Shion Conversion

Time for an update! Thanks to those still following, I know my progress is pretty slow! drop

So sense my last update I have gotten a fair bit done! In fact in am n to painting

One of the last mods I had to do was change the bangs. I initially sculpted all these tiny hair pieces, but in the end the bangs didn't really match the style of hair the characters have. So I scrapped them and made more "simplistic" looking bangs.


After some final touches, all the pieces were primed and ready for painting. I know there are some flaws in some of the parts... drop drop 
I have a lot of the painting done! In fact Shion is ready for assembly! ^___^ Unfortunately, I don't have any really fancy techniques to show you as I hand paint everything.. no airbrush! >.<

Finished hair pieces

Faces! The pupils of their eyes are actually really dark green, but you can't really tell in the pictures drop Used some Future floor Finish to give the eyes some shine ^^

Scatter arm! lol 

Checking out Shion's torso! :)

I am still working on some of Mion's parts, hoping to have her finished up in the next few days!
I hit a dillema with her Tie, In the anime it's a pale green color. One the manga covers, its red! panic So I dug up some reference from the game! Red tie it is! (I was glad about the actually)

Thats all for now!! hug 

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